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Solicit for Contributions(About Guillermo Mordillo: story/photos/pictures)
2019-07-04 16:01:32 From: Author: 【B M S】 Browse:606次 Comment:0
Guillermo Mordillo.jpg
Today, we learned that the world cartoon master Mr.Guillermo Mordillo died, we are very sad. The world has lost a great cartoonist!
Have you communicated with him( Mr. Guillermo Mordillo)? Can you tell us a story about him? What kind of cartoonist is he? What kind of legend is he in the international comic world?
We all need stories (or photos, pictures, etc.) about him. I will convey to cartoonists all over China, and we will commemorate him together!

We miss him!

Thanks for your help!
E-mail:  fecochina@126.com
Tags: Responsible editor:redman
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