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The Italian Championship of Lies was born in 1966.
The reasons that led to the creation of this competition are to be found in the traditions of our little village over the Pistoia’s mountains, on the Italian Apennines, when in last century people used to meet in front of a fireplace to tell stories that mixed reality and fictious. The Italian Lie Academy, in occasion of the 45th Italian Lies championship, declares the graphics section contest dedicated to Lie.
This year theme is:
Metaphysical or real trip, everything that can happen to move from one place to another.

1. The competition is structured in a single section.

2. Participation is free. Deadline for cartoon submission is Wednesday, 1st July 2021. Each participant can send up to 2 cartoons.

3. The entry form below must be completed in all its parts and sent along with the presentation of the works that take part in the competition.

4. The paper must be sent by postal mail to: Accademia della Bugia-Pro Loco Alta valle del Reno, via della chiesa, 27- 51100 Le Piastre PT, Italy. Otherwise you can use our electronic mail address: accademiabugia@gmail.com

5. The comics can be written in italian or in english, but we advice that you can make a cartoon simply draw, without any text.

6. Italian Lie Academy will award the top three as follows: 1st place: "Gold Bugiardino". 2nd: "Silver Bugiardino". 3rd: "Bronze Bugiardino". The Bugiardino is the symbol made in resin of the Championship and is the bell tower of the village with a long nose, like the Pinocchio's one.
It will be awarded with the "International Bugiardino" the best cartoon coming from abroad or drawed by a foreign national.

7. All the winning cartoons will be published on the website of the Italian championship of Lies (www.labugia.it).

8. The authors waive any fee related to copyright.

9. Prizes will be delivered during of the 45th Italian Championship of Lies thake place in to Le Piastre on July 31 and August 1 2021

10. The works will be judged by a jury headed by the italian cartoonist Marco Fusi.

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