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15th International Salon of Humor of Caratinga / 2019
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- Registration: June 24 to July 31/2019
- Selection of Works: August 12, 2019
- Opening / Awards: August 17, 2019
- Exhibition: 19-30 August 2019

ACHIEVEMENT - International Salon of Humor of Caratinga is an accomplishment of the Cultural Station of Caratinga promoted in partnership with Prefect of Caratinga.

EXHIBITION - The Exhibition of selected works in the 15th Salon of Humor of Caratinga will be held from August 19 to 30, 2019, at the Cultural Forum, in Getúlio Vargas Square.

PARTICIPATION - Artists of all nationalities, amateurs or professionals, regardless of age, may participate. If you are under age, the legal guardian must sign the registration form.
- IMPORTANT: Foreign registrations must indicate the bank entity with agency in Brazil. Each participant can register with up to two (02) works unpublished in each modality and that have not been awarded until the closing date of the inscriptions.

MODALITIES - The unpublished works may be presented in the following modalities: CARTUM; CARTOON; CARICATURA (Theme FREE) and CARICATURA THEMATIC: Zélio Alves Pinto / Cartoonist and Plastic Artist.
- CARTUM: Graphic joke with universal and timeless themes
- CHARGE: Graphic joke of a journalistic theme of the present time
- CARICATURE: Recognizable graphical deformation of personalities

REGISTRATION - Registration for the 15th International Salon of Humor of Caratinga can be carried out in the period from June 24 to July 31, 2019, by post (observed the date of posting)

Address: Send to 15th Humor Hall of Caratinga - Rua Geraldo Alves Pinto, 238, Bairro Manoel Ribeiro Sobrinho - Caratinga / MG. CEP: 35.300 - 049.

Or through the electronic address / file in jpg: 300 DPI: salaodehumordecaratinga@gmail.com
- IMPORTANT: Registration will only be done with the submission of Registration Form

TECHNIQUES - Dimension: 30 cm x 40 cm. The unpublished works must be original. The technique is free. Works printed on couché paper / A3, will also be accepted

AWARDS - A total of R $ 3,500.00 (three thousand and five hundred reais) will be awarded in prizes divided as follows:
A) 1st place CHARGE: R $ 1,000.00
B) 1st place CARTUM: R $ 1.000,00
C) 1st place CARICATURE: R $ 1,000.00
D) 1st place THEMATIC CARICATURE: R $ 500,00
E) Honorable Mentions: Certificate and Catalog

- The cash prizes will be paid by the Municipality of Caratinga. Three Honorable Mentions will be conferred by the Judging Commission in all categories. The winning works and honorable mentions will receive certificates and will be published in the commemorative catalog that will bring all the winning designs in the fifteen editions held at the Humor Hall of Caratinga.

JUDGMENT - There will be a selection jury and another award jury composed of qualified people from the area. The award jury reserves the right not to award prizes to categories that do not reach a sufficient level, transferring them to other categories or creating a special prize of the Salon. If the award jury finds some kind of irregularity, fraud or plagiarism in one or more you can cancel the award by granting the same to another artist of your rank. The winning entries will be published on the website and on the Facebook page of the Humor Hall of Caratinga after the inauguration and can be challenged until one week after the opening of the hall with suitable proof of any irregularity committed without the jury's knowledge.
Other prizes and mentions may be established at the discretion of the Organizing Committee. All works registered and selected, will be acquisitive for the Cultural Station Association of Caratinga. The works will be part of the collection of Humor Hall of Caratinga, which can participate in itinerant shows, dissemination in print, television and electronic media. By participating in the contest, the artist will be in agreement with the rules of the regulation.

ATTENTION / RETURN - The works will be returned until five months after the closing of the event on August 30, 2019 only for artists who send a properly sealed envelope along with the works. Those who are sent without the envelope, will be automatically giving their work to the collection of the itinerant and permanent exhibition of the hall. By registering, the author automatically transfers the assignment of the Copyrights of his / her work (s) when awarded in accordance with Law No. 9610 of February 1988 (Copyright Law) in a total, universal and definitive manner in all the terms of use and free of charge, copyright, protected by said law referring to the work (s) awarded at the Salon International de Humor de Caratinga, which becomes part of the Cultural Research Collection and Disclosure of the National Graphic Humor Association of the Caratinga Cultural Station for all rights purposes that are reserved to make of them the use that it deems appropriate. The simple registration automatically implies in accordance with the terms of this regulation.

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