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Cartoonist Milenko Kosanovic passed away
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Milenko Kosanovic (1948), our excellent cartoonist and illustrator, holder of numerous awards and recognitions, among whom is the Honorary Citizen of Subotica, passed away last night after a short illness. The funeral will be on Tuesday at the cemetery in Bajmok, Rata, at 1:30 p.m. The time of the commemoration will be announced later.


Milenko Kosanovic was born in Bajmok, where he spent his entire life. He was a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia with the status of "Distinguished Artist". He is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. As a professional cartoonist-illustrator, he collaborated in many newspapers and magazines in the former Yugoslavia, as well as in some foreign editions such as the Canadian "Artizans", the English "Cartonshtock" and the French "EGE". It was presented in the Encyclopedia "Two Centuries of Journalism in Serbia", "Who's Who in Our Humor, Satire and Caricature", "Hedgehog's Almanac" ...... He also illustrated several books.since l966 has cartum and the illustration as its main occupations. 


He is the winner of the highest domestic award for the newspaper caricature "Golden Pierre" awarded by Vecernje novosti, and he has been awarded for his work in the country and abroad. He is also the winner of the Honorary Citizen of Subotica award, which was presented to him in 2014.


FECO.CHINA, on behalf of the Chinese cartoonists, extends its condolences on the death of this very valuable and master of cartoon.

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