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Winners of 40th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2020
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The Jury of 40th International Nasreddin Hoca Caricature Competition comprised of Erdogan BASOL, Kadir DOGRUER, Ahmet OZTURKLEVENT, Metin PEKER and Deniz ZEYREK gathered at the Cartoonists Association Center on 3 – 4 November 2020. The Jury, presided by Erdogan BASOL has eva luated 2259 artworks drawn by 750 caricaturists from 75 countries. Jury members have chosen 16 finalists on the basis of majority system and with an eva luation process of 6 rounds. Finalists have established by the Jury members on the basis of secret voting system. The points given by the Jury members for the final eva luation have been calculated by the Jury members Ahmet OZTURKLEVENT and Kadir DOGRUER to identify the winners of the awards and thus finalize the 40th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest.

Winners of 40th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2020

The subject of the Competition are Justice, Democracy, Freedom.


1--Sajad Rafeei - Iran.jpg

Grand Prize

Sajad Rafeei - Iran


Honour Prize

Grzegorz Szumowski - Poland

3--Cemalettin Guzeloglu - Turkey.jpg

Honour Prize

Cemalettin Guzeloglu - Turkey

4--Anon Anindito - Indonesia.jpg

Honour Prize

Anon Anindito - Indonesia

5--Musa Gumus - Turkey.jpg

Honour Prize

Musa Gumus - Turkey

6--Xavier Bonilla - Ecuador.jpg

Honour Prize

Xavier Bonilla - Ecuador


7--Borislav Stankovic Stabor - SERBIA.jpg

Special Prize of The Turhan Selcuk

Borislav Stankovic Stabor - Serbia

8--Vladimir Vasiliev - RUSSIA.jpg

Special Prize of The Semih Balcioglu 

Vladimir Vasiliev - Russia

9--Konstantin Kazanchev - Ukraine.jpg

Special Prize of The Ferit Ongoren 

Konstantin Kazanchev - Ukraine

10--Marko Ivic - Croatia.jpg

Special Prize of The Association of Caricaturists

Marko Ivic - Croatia

11--Mojmir Mihatov - Croatia.jpg

Special Prize of the Jury

Mojmir Mihatov - Croatia

12--Alireza Pakdel - Iran.jpg

Special Prize of Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Alireza Pakdel - Iran

13--Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine.jpg

Special Prize of The Koc Holding

Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine

14--Oleksiy Kustovsky - Ukraine.jpg

Special Prize of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Oleksiy Kustovsky - Ukraine

15--Nikola Listes - Croatia.jpg

Special Prize of Aksehir Municipality and Nasreddin Hodja

Nikola Listes - Croatia

16--Aleksei Kivokurсev - Russia.jpg

Special Prize of FOX TV

Aleksei Kivokurсev - Russia


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