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13th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest’2022
2022-10-13 17:32:49 From: Author: 【B M S】 Browse:967次 Comment:0

Theme: Young/Brain Drain

“Brain Drain” is an ongoing issue for years, but also a problem. We want to update it a little more by adding the word “Young” to the brain drain. Developed countries are trying to get hold of the brain power required to implement projects in the fields of technology, industry and science, through brain drain from underdeveloped or developing countries. As for why we have added “Young” to the beginning of our title; talented and foreign language-speaking young people are more preferred. At this point, two questions come to mind: – Why do these young people prefer other countries instead of staying in their own country, being useful and building a future? – Why the countries receiving brain drain do not try to make up for this deficiency in their own countries, but receive emigration from abroad? Young minds, no matter how talented they are, have trouble finding employment in their home country and see abroad as a savior. Professions such as doctors, engineers and software developers have come to the fore in recent migration from countries at war and the Middle East. Developed countries can employ these young people for cheaper wages than experienced personnel. Of course, it is not easy for young people to break away from their environment, but the issue of future is much more important to them than sentimentality. There is also the “Hidden Brain Drain”. It consists of young people who stay in their own countries and serve foreign capital. Their bodies are in their own country, but their minds serve foreign countries. Among the countries that receive the most brain drain and have high job standards; Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada and Australia. These countries are followed by Switzerland, England, Germany and Ireland. India, China, Türkiye, Balkan and Middle Eastern countries are among the countries that give the most brain drain. Türkiye is one of the leading countries in the “Young” Brain Drain. In 2019 alone, 330,289 people immigrated abroad. 50,151 of the immigrants are young people between the ages of 25-29. Our expectation from you, cartoonist friends; Questioning and scrutinizing the “Young” Brain Drain with your lines. We may not be able to change the world, but at least we can try it on paper (or tablet). So what do you think?

Rules of the competition:

Joining the competition is possible only via internet ( info@donquichotte.org ). (with cv+contact information)

All submitted pieces of work should be participating in a contest for the first time. In the event of violation of this requirement, any awarded prizes shall be returned.

The caricatures are to be submitted in A3 size, with a resolution of 300 dpi  and in Jpeg format (black and white or colour, no restriction as to technical colour processing).

The closing date of the competition is 15 October 2022.

Based upon the submitted caricatures, the jury will pre-select 100 finalists from 25 October 2022. These finalists will then be presented on social media platforms and on Don Quichotte’s websites for the following 10 days.

The jury will eva luate the pre-selected works of art from 5 November 2022 and publish the results on 7 November 2022.
The award ceremony will take place in line with the exhibition opening on 26 November 2022 at the Maji Art Gallery in Istanbul.

Submitted caricatures will be securely stored within Don Quichotte’s archives. For any use other than contest related, permission shall be seeked from each author prior to use.

A contest catalogue shall be issued in pdf format and published. 

Grand Prize: 750 Euro + Don Quichotte Certificate
Cartoon/Fairplay Prize: 500 Euro + Don Quichotte Certificate
Honor Award 250 Euro + Don Quichotte Certificate
Special Prizes (Don Quichotte Certificate)

Jury Members:


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