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The Sejong Techno Park will hold the Sejong International Cartoon & Webtoon Contest(SICACO 2022)
2022-10-13 17:36:20 From: Author: 【B M S】 Browse:913次 Comment:0
0--SICACO 2022 POSTER - 副本.jpg

1. Part(Cartoon & Webtoon), Theme (Crisis & Opportunity), Free (Soccer, Football)

2. Deadline of Last Application (Oct.3-20), works (within 3),

3. Original Cartoons receive by Int’l mail (Sejong Post Office Box 2,

Jochiwon- eup, Sejong-si, Korea)

4. Digital Works re-accept by E-mail between Oct. only 3-20.(webtoon.SJ@gmail.com)

*Compressed attachment, 300dpi or higher

5. Application for Contest and Submission of License Agreement download

our attached form. (Egypt cartoon Homepage)

6. The judges are experts strictly examine them in consideration of creativity, artistry, subject matter and content, and inform the winners.

7. The Award shall be paid by taxing higher prizes money($8,000) for the Grand Prize 1, Gold Prize 1, Silver Prize 2, Bronze Prize 3, and other winners. 

8. The submitted and donated works shall not be returned, but the right of use necessary to protect the copyright shall be held by the Organizer. ( -Egypt cartoon Homepage)

9. Points to Note: Works submitted to the DICACO Institute will be delivered

in advance, but digital works will be re-submitted by the new email. (webtoon.SJ@gmail.com)

10. For other inquiries, we mainly ask for your participation by e-mail.


Email: webtoon.SJ@gmail.com

Phone: 82-44-850-3842 Lee Hee-jin

Guide: csanlim@naver.com / Dr. Lim

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